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Cornelius veakins

Wood fire & smoke recipes
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Langoustine Al Pil-Pil

About this Recipe I remember a holiday in Spain many years ago and ordering a tapas dish and being served fresh prawns served in boiling flavoured oil. They were so delicious I also remember ordering three more!So here is my version of this tapas dish: langoustine al...

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Cherry Smoked Ice Cream

About this Recipe Cold smoking is a journey of discovery and smoking cream was a brilliant find. Cheese and butter, we all know, cold smokes incredible well so why not other diary products such as cream, yoghurt and milk. If I can cold smoke cream – can I make smoked...

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Marinated Japanese Gyoza Lamb

About this Recipe I’ve been really inspired by watching Japanese fire chefs to experiment myself with this style of cooking. Finesse, precision and the perfection of the ingredients is the key. It’s all about creating bursts of flavour in bite size chunks, not a...

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Woodfired Sardines

About this Recipe When I lived in Paris with my to-be wife we had a really small flat on the ground floor with a tiny patch of land and every Sunday there was a huge French market where we would buy all of our fresh food. When the weather was good we would buy fresh...

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