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Cornelius Veakins

Independent chef consultant specialising in commercial wood, fire and smoke cooking.
Outdoor BBQ Chef

Welcome to My World of Wood, Fire and Smoke

My mission in life is to demonstrate the true versatility of wood, fire and smoke cooking and all year round outdoor cooking.

Creating your own Outdoor Kitchen, whether you are a hospitality business or an individual, will be a journey of discovery and spectacular rewards.

Enjoy my website and I hope you are inspired.

Consultancy Case Studies

As a wood, fire and smoke independent consultant the most important step is to understand your objectives, your mission and your needs. From there I advise on the best products, solutions and training for you. I ensure you get what you need, not just what someone is trying to sell you.

My News

Opinions, updates and general news.

If you can cook in a kitchen – why is barbecuing so hard?

I’ve been outdoor cooking for longer than I remember and I forget that there are still so many people out there who simply don’t know how to BBQ. When I’m asked ‘So, how do you barbecue?” I get a bit dumbfounded and not really sure where to start… My first question is...

Burnt is a flavour..

When you go round a friend’s house for a BBQ, the worst possible outcome is getting burnt food. We all know there is nothing more disappointing than cremated food and you judge a barbecuer by the degree of burning! So it is ironic that the more you learn about cooking...

Love Meat but Really Digging Vegetables..

Start talking about barbecuing and we all typically presume it is all about meat. Meat in all its forms, whether that is perfecting the perfect steak or low ‘n’ slow or beer can chicken or ribs or just trying to not burn the sausages.   I wouldn’t have eaten beetroot...