Kamado Joe: Roasting Vegetables on the Ceramic Deflector Plates (Plancha)


Do you only cook your meat or fish on your ceramic BBQ ? If you are then you are definitely missing out. I am not a veggie person at heart, I have eaten every kind of meat and fish but have been nagged for years to ‘eat your veg’ – even by my kids. My philosophy is if it moves it is edible and you don’t see a lot of moving vegetables. However, after visiting a 2 star Michelin chef in London ( not going to name drop) who cooks all his micro vegetables on the ceramic plate – who am I not to give it a try?

So I went home and did and it was the first time I actually enjoyed broccoli, asparagus and, unbelievable, cauliflower. I now eat my veggies with no more nagging. To explain – the veggies keep all their fresh flavour and the texture is like nothing I’ve had before but, more importantly, the charcoal flavour really compliments the veggies and gentle ceramic cooking breaks down the fibre of the veggies so they are soft, succulent but not stringy. If you leave to cook longer you can add a barbecued crispiness to the outside.

This is a selection of vegetables I cooked to accompany my Black Pepper, Juniper Berry and Plum Barbecued Duck that I also cooked on my Kamado Joe. Here I used asparagus, fennel and young shoot broccoli.

I removed the outer skin on the asparagus, quartered the fennel and left the broccoli as is. I then drizzled olive oil over all the vegetables, added salt and pepper to taste and started cooking.

My Kamado Joe was already at temperature due to the duck I had just cooked, but basically you want the heat at 350 F and the heat deflector plates heated up. The Kamado Joe deflector plates need to be on the top level ( deflector plates have two levels – top and bottom. Bottom level means the ceramic is closer to the heat ideal for searing, top level is a gentler heat and great for veggies, fruit, breads etc.) I am using the deflector plates as a ceramic Plancha so the plate needs to be on the high level to avoid burning the outer layers of the vegetables. Place all the vegetables on on the deflector plate and cook each side for approx 3 minutes and then turn over and repeat until all the sides have taken on sear marks.

Once the vegetables are cooked through (test with a fork or taste), add more seasoning if needed and serve.

Really simple and easy but produces incredible results, this is the only way I eat my veggies now and I’m a big fan ( but to be honest I still can’t eat brussel sprouts)





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