Kamado Joe: Apple and Raspberry Crumble


I must admit to having a bit of a sweet tooth and this is one of my favourite desserts to cook on my Kamado Joe. Ceramic barbecues are fantastic for baking and when you have finished cooking your meat or fish, just chuck on your dessert or pudding.

First, fire up your Kamado Joe. For this recipe we are looking to cook the dish at about 180 – 200C for approx 45 minutes (depending on size). Cooking time is about 45 minutes which means the dessert is ready shortly after we have finished the main course.

ImagePeel and de-core around 6 large cooking apples, cut into medium sized chunks and put into cold water with a squirt of lemon juice (this stops them from browning).

My Crumble Recipe

300g sieved plain flour with pinch of salt

175g unrefined brown sugar

200g unsalted soft butter

Mix together the sugar, flour and salt then start adding the butter and rubbing it with your fingertips until you finish all the butter and have a bowl of bread crumb mix.

Drain the apples off and add about a tablespoon of flour and mix well –  coating the apples. Adding the flour is a simple trick but as the apples cook down releasing all the juices, the flour thickens it up and makes a better consistency.

Place the apples at the bottom of your baking dish and evenly sprinkle over the raspberries. Over this I sprinkle about 3 tablespoons of brown demerara sugar. White sugar will do but brown demerara gives you  extra flavour.

Cover the apple and raspberries with the crumble mixture ensuring you get an even layer across the apples.Image

Place into the Kamado with the deflector plates set high, close the lid and relax. Check the dish after about 30 minutes to ensure the crumble is not burning. You ideally want a toasted golden color. I would also advise using a skewer to prod the apples, if they are hard the dish needs more cook time.

Biggest question now is whether you eat your crumble with custard, cream or ice cream ?




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