The Art of Planking


BBQ Planks are an easy, fun and unbelievably tasty way of cooking. BBQ Planks offer a modern method of experiencing back-to nature cooking that barbecues meat, fish, seafood, fruit, vegetables and cheese in a uniquely woody, tender and aromatic style.

This is a North American native style of cooking used for hundreds of years, they originally used local cedar to cook salmon but BBQ Planks can be bought in Oak, Cherry, Beech and Alder – each wood adding its unique smoky flavour.

Some BBQ Planks are very thin so can only be used once or twice, the Weber BBQ Planks are thicker and, if you are a semi-competent BBQer, then each BBQ Plank can be used over ten times or at least until it is more charcoal than wood . The trick is only BBQing in indirect heat so if your using a Kamado Joe Ceramic BBQ, that simply means over the heat deflector. When your BBQ Plank is used up you can always recycle your used up BBQ Plank onto the next charcoal barbecue or in your open fire or fire pit.

How to cook with your BBQ Plank

Your BBQ Plank must be pre-soaked in water for one to two hours, try experimenting with adding white wine, beer, whisky or cider with fresh herbs to the water in order to make different flavours. Heat your  BBQ to a medium heat (400-425˚ F) and put your soaked BBQ Plank onto the BBQ grill using indirect heat method and close the lid for about two minutes or until it begins to smoke. Place your seasoned salmon fillets onto the BBQ Plank and cook for about 10 minutes.

Keep an eye on the BBQ Plank because if it starts to flame, spray with a little water so keep a spray bottle handy. Once cooked use the BBQ Plank to serve your meal, it cooks incredible on your table.

What else can I cook on a BBQ Plank ?

Everything. It is a great way to steam smoke your food and for experimenting with food that is normally more difficult to BBQ. I have used a lot of BBQ Planks in my cooking as it allows me to experiment with lots of different foods and woody flavours.


Beech BBQ Plank Smoked Lamb Cutlets


 Oak BBQ Plank Smoked Camembert


Oak BBQ Planked Crab Cakes


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