Kamado Joe: To Burp or Not To Burp


So what is burping and why do you need to burp a ceramic barbecue like my Kamado Joe ?

Ceramic barbecues have incredible heat control, if you want a low heat for low ‘n’ slow or a hot searing heat – no problem. After a short while you will learn very quickly how much to open and close the top and bottom vents to get exactly the temperature you want and, more importantly, you will know that your ceramic barbecue will stay at that temperature.

Gone are the days of having to check and double check your BBQ to make sure the temperature is OK. In fact I’ve forgotten, quite a few times, that I was cooking on my Kamado Joe (usually because of a rugby match on TV) because I no longer have to worry about temperatures dropping or searing on its own. I have 100% trust in my Kamado Joe.



Because the Kamado Joe can reach such incredible high temperatures in a very short time, which is why they make great pizza ovens, it is important to remember to burp – otherwise you can loose the hairs on your arms and that’s not good. When you reach a temperature of 300 C plus, it is very important that you do NOT lift the lid without burping.

So what is Burping?

Burping is raising your lid about a couple of inches, for a couple of seconds, in order to stabilise the internal and external temperature. This simple trick will stop any back draft (remember the movie?) and stop any risk of creating a combustion effect. At very high temperatures, if you don’t burp, there can be risk of creating a mini fireball.

So, always check the temperature before opening the lid and don’t forget to burp.


Why would you want to reach a temperature of 800 F plus? 

It is very useful to reach such high temperatures sometimes – but not for cooking. If you haven’t cooked on your ceramic BBQ over the winter months (not sure why this would be the case) you can get mould growing on the internal ceramic. Also ceramic barbecues shouldn’t be cleaned (never use water to clean the inside of your ceramic barbecue) and your grill and deflector plate can get messy. In both cases, just open up all your vents and make sure your air holes are clear and get your Kamado Joe up to over 800 F. At this temperature anything nasty will get killed off and you’ll cremate any food residue – a simple and easy way to clean.

It is also fun to get your Kamado Joe up to this temperature – my record is 0-800 F in 15 minutes. Not bad !