Kamado Joe: BBQ Seared King Crab



I’m in love with King Crab – flavour, texture, versatility. If you can get your hands on some – please do try it on your barbecue, you will not regret it.














Using a pair of scissors cut along the seam of each segment of the leg, removing the meat from the shell. Ensure that any cartilage is also removed.

Each leg should provide 4 pieces of prime crab meat.

Marinade the crab meat in a bowl with a glug of chilli olive oil, salt and pepper and leave to rest until the Kamado Joe is ready. Food this good doesn’t need fancy sauces or rubs, keep it simple.


Fire up your Kamado Joe and remove the deflector plates, add the grill on top. This is direct cooking so going to sear the outside and lock in the moisture of the crab, making it extra succulent.





Once the Kamado Joe has reached a temp of about 200 C place the crab meat on the grill and sear for about 2 minutes each side.

DO NOT let it burn – I suggest you don’t leave the crab whilst cooking and if you are unsure, this is one of the rare occasions you can BBQ with the lid up.




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