Cold Smoked Rosemary Sea Salt


I love exploring the world of cold smoking, not just as a way of cooking but as a way of creating smoked ingredients to add to my recipes. My Bradley Smoker is like my experimenting lab where I can chuck all types of food in and see how it comes out. The fun is in the trying and the tasting.

I put a large clump of rosemary into the Bradley Smoker and cold smoked for a couple of hours using oak briquettes.


After a couple of hours, I took it out and allowed to dry for another hour. Rub some leaves between your fingers and smell – amazing. Pick off enough leaves and mix with your sea salt in a sealed container – give a good shake and the smoked rosemary will slowly add its flavour to your salt.

What could be easier – producing your own range of flavoured salts for your recipes. Here is a great link to explain the difference between sea salt and table salt – worth a read:  sea-salt-vs-processed-table-salt




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