Bone Dust BBQ Spice and Dry Rub

Cornelius Veakins Outdoor BBQ Chef

This Bone Dust rub is hot but not overpowering, with enough herbs and seasoning to bring out the best in any dish. I use this rub on most meats including beef, chicken and pork. It can be added to meats just before the BBQ or used as a rub the night before.

Cornelius Veakins Outdoor BBQ Chef

Pork ribs rubbed with my Bone Dust a couple of hours before cooking.

10g molasses sugar, 8g ginger powder, 70g smoked paprika, 15g mild chilli powder, 15g hot chilli powder, 30g cornish sea salt, 20g ground coriander, 10g ground juniper berries, 20g garlic powder, 10g cayenne powder, 10g ground cumin, 10g dried thyme, 10g granulated sugar, 10g brown sugar, 10g  muscovado brown sugar, 10g Demerara sugar, 20g  mild curry powder, 20g mild mustard powder

Mix all the ingredients together, making sure you break down any clumps, and it should last for months in a sealed jar.