Kamado Joe: Smoked Farfalloni Pasta and Cheese


Barbecues are not just for cooking sausages and burgers, the joy of outdoor cooking is adding a delicious smoky flavour to all your favourite recipes and my version of mac ‘n’ cheese is no exception. By adding my cold home smoked cheese  and oak smoked salt plus the smokiness from the lump charcoal – all makes this simple recipe into something special. Definitely worth a try.

Fire up your ceramic BBQ with the plate setter/ deflector plates on the lower setting and set the temperature at about 180C – 200C.

In a saucepan, either on the oven or on your BBQ, melt the butter and then add the flour as if making a basic roux sauce. At the same time cook your bacon on the grill. Once the flour has “cooked” down slowly, add the vegetable stock stirring gently, add the milk and allow to gently simmer. Chop up the bacon into small pieces and add this with the mushrooms to your gently simmering sauce and season with salt and pepper. Place your fresh pasta into one or two oven proof dishes and pour over the sauce. You may have sauce left over, don’t worry as the sauce in your dishes will reduce and may need topping up. Sprinkle the remainder of the cheese over the top.

Put your cheese onto the grill, close the lid and allow to cook for about 25 minutes.



400g fresh farfalloni, 1 tablespoon butter, 200g home cold smoked grated cheese, 50g mature grated cheddar cheese for topping, 1 tbs coriander finely chopped, 1/2 pint milk, 1/2 pint vegetable stock, 2 tablespoon plain flour, 2 rashers of smoky bacon, 4 medium mushrooms finely chopped, home cold smoked salt & pepper.