Oak Smoked Rosemary, Thyme, Mint and Basil Dry Herbs


Buying a cold smoker is a major foodie investment, so to get your money’s worth it is important to know its true versatility. Traditionally we cold smoke fish, meat and cheese but that’s only the start of it. I love playing around with my cold smoker and creating ingredients that add extra smoky flavours to my recipes.

I grabbed some fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Mint and Basil and cold oak smoked them in my Bradley Smoker for 2-3 hours.

073I air dried them overnight in my kitchen – made my kitchen smell delicious.



I carefully shredded my herbs, making sure not to include any stems or stalks and put them into a Kilner jar.

I use these smoked herbs with nearly all my recipes, they add an amazing herb smoked flavour and aroma to my stews, soups, dry rubs, marinades, salts and pizzas. So please give this a try with your cold smoker – certainly worth it.