Evolving from the Outdoor BBQ Chef to The Alfresco Chef….


Thank you to all of you that have been following my outdoor cooking adventures. It is a world that I love and my mission has always been to promote outdoor cooking and get as many people as possible outside and create their own alfresco kitchens.

I have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to evolve into The Alfresco Chef, encompassing everything to support my mission.

I’ll be bringing to the UK a unique range of products – the Best of the Best in alfresco kit and cooking up a storm in my own Alfresco Chef kitchen. I only choose products that have been tried and tested by me and that I consider to be essential kit – no useless BBQ gadgets !

Here is a list of our first round of Alfresco Chef products.

Grill Dome Ceramic Barbecue – I’ve brought to the UK the ultimate in kamado ceramics, not a dimple in sight !


Cook in Wood UK – an exclusive range of smoking chips and staves made from wine barrels.


The Alfresco Chef Barbecue Planks and Wood Paper – our own range of barbecue planks and wood papers in delicious woody flavours.

Outsign UK – a beautifully French designed gas barbecue, bringing together traditional gas barbecuing and plancha cooking. Have an idea of what a typical gas barbecue looks like ? Think again…


Urban Cultivator UK – Urban Cultivator is a very special addition to The Alfresco Chef family and something I am very excited about. I’ve always wanted a high-tech solution for growing my own herbs at home and chefs are very excited about this for their restaurants too. Continental Chef Supplies are supplying the chefs and The Alfresco Chef are supplying the public.


The Alfresco Chef Lump Charcoal – I’ll have my own UK made lump charcoal, charcoal is an ingredient in outdoor cooking and having good quality, ethically produced charcoal is essential.

The Alfresco Chef Firelighters – not a chemical in sight and easy to use.

ImagiLights – the ideal solution for outdoor lighting: for cooking and dining. Waterproof and no outdoor wires. Brilliant.


The Alfresco Chef Kitchen – designed by me for all Alfresco Chefs. There will be a modular solution for any sized space. My kitchen is still work in progress..


My new website will be live in April  www.thealfrescochef.co.uk but my new Facebook and twitter are already live:

FB: The Alfresco Chef                                            Twitter: @alfresco_chef

Come join me in my mission.


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