Grill Dome Kamado Ceramic Barbecue

I’ve had the pleasure on cooking on nearly all the Ceramic Kamado Barbecues available in the UK and the Grill Dome is my choice for Chefs.AP3_7974-2 Ceramic Kamado Barbecues are the best outdoor ovens and the best barbecues in the world but it is important to understand the differences between all the brands.

  • Heat Retention: the whole point of a ceramic kamado is to keep the heat in the barbecue. This gives you better temperature control, reduces the amount of lump charcoal you use per cook and ensures all the food moisture stays in the food. The best test is to measure the heat inside the dome in relation to the outside ceramic and due to Grill Dome’s extra thick unique Terapex ceramic – it’s heat retention, in my opinion, is the best on the market. You should be able to comfortably touch the outside of the dome even if the inside reaches 400C. Better heat retention means external weather does not effect the internal temperature, making it more reliable as an all year round barbecue.
  • Featherlite Hinge: Does a specially designed featherlite hinge make that much difference? Oh yes. Talk to chefs about how much work it takes to keep lifting the lids on a large or extra-large kamado during service and you’ll realise what a pleasure it is to use Grill Dome’s featherlite hinge.
  • Lockable Top Air Flow: another seemingly small design feature but actually really useful. When you open the lid on most other ceramic kamados, the top air vent slides open and you have to keep remembering to reset it. It is too easy to forget to put back and you end up with the heat searing up. Not what you want in a commercial or private kitchen. Really annoying. So Grill Dome have put a simple lock on the air vent to stop this happening.
  • Design: Looks aren’t everything but most ceramics look the same – lots of dimples and a very limited choice of colour. Alfresco Kitchens are built to be seen by the public so the look and design are important, chefs have a choice of colours and a look that is more sophisticated with the Grill Dome and can fit into any Alfresco Kitchen style.
  • Dome Height: it is crucial to look at the shape of the ceramic dome and understand how much food can be practically cooked in it. Each ceramic kamado has a different dome shape and may look spacious enough but, due to the gradient of the dome, it means you can lose a lot of cooking space around the edges. Grill Dome has a very high gradient dome.
  • Ever heard of ceramic lids falling out? I know it has happened during service before. The stainless steel banding must be inset into the ceramic so as the ceramic expands and cools off, there is no chance of the lid slipping out of the banding. Check your ceramic to see.. Grill Dome doesn’t have this issue.

Any questions, just contact me.