Why choose an Independent Consultant?

I’ve spent a number of years working in hospitality, after working in IT solutions, and I’ve met hundreds of sales people from a huge range of companies all jostling to get their products in front of chefs. After aligning myself to various products over the years, I’ve decided that being independent is the best way forward.

I’ve learnt an important lesson: independent advice is invaluable.

I get phone calls from chefs after they’ve spent hours ringing around equipment suppliers and all they get is sales patter. Obviously they have the best product, the best solution, best customer service, best price, best delivery etc etc. What else would they say?

Picking up the phone and talking to a specialist who only cares about offering the best solution for you, someone who makes sure you get what you need at the best price. True independent advice – you simply can’t put a price on that.

What do I do and how can I help? As a wood, fire and smoke consultant the most important step is to understand your objectives, your mission and your needs. From there I advise on the best products, solutions and training for you. I ensure you get what you need, not just what someone is trying to sell you. I can even negotiate the best possible prices for you.

So, next time you are looking for wood, fire and smoke advice – ring me and lets have a chat.

Email: cornelius@outdoorbbqchef.co.uk

Tel: 07562 318934