Lomo al Trapo (salt-crusted beef cooked in cloth)

Been wanting to do this recipe for ages: Lomo al Trapo or salt-crusted beef cooked in cloth. It is a traditional Colombian recipe that I’ve seen being replicated over the world so I decided to give it a try with my own twist.


I soaked my professional Chef towel in Australian Red Shiraz for about 5 minutes.


I trimmed my beef filet and created a bed of rock salt and my smoked salt, with some sprigs of rosemary. All of it was layered on the soaked towel.

Carefully roll the towel over the beef and keep rolling tightly – make sure your beef is encased in the salt. Make sure your parcel is tight and neat. Tie up your parcel tightly with kitchen string.

Create an even bed of charcoal in your BBQ. Lay your parcel onto the charcoal and step back and watch it slowly cook. Please only use lump wood charcoal not briquettes.


My parcel took 20 minutes in total to cook, after 10 minutes just turn it over and leave it alone.


Once it reaches an internal temperature of 48 C, which took about 20 minutes, remove and rest for another 20 minutes. Looks horrendous but smells absolutely incredible – don’t be tempted to open too soon.


Crack it open and marvel at the smell of beautifully cooked beef, roasted salt and red wine. Wipe off all the excess salt and clean it up.


So here is the result: beautifully tender, perfectly pink with a stunning red wine aroma and a gentle salty background flavour. I was really pleasantly surprised by how tender and flavoursome it was. Needless to say – didn’t last very long!

Thanks to Pampas Plains for their incredible authentic Argentine beef and Dalby Firewood for the best in cooking wood.