About Me

Born in South Africa, matured in France, rendered to the UK.

I was born in South Africa and grew up with Braais – the Afrikaans word for BBQ. A Braai is not just about how to cook but also describes the social event, casual and laid back, where friends and family meet with good food, good company and good wine and beer. This is what I try to add to each outdoor recipe I create. My family left South Africa because of the troubles and I came to the UK, but decided to leave again at the age of 19 to go to France. I lived in France for 12 years and no one can live in France without absorbing the French culture of good food and quality ingredients.


This French experience adds to my reputation as taking outdoor cooking to a higher gastronomic level and I specialise in wood, fire or smoke cooking whether using a ceramic kamado barbecue, woodfired oven, South African braai, cold or hot smokers or an Argentine parrilla grill.

After all my years of commuting, waiting in airports, nonsensical meetings, office politics and general corporate bullshit – I decided to chuck it all in and follow my instincts and dreams. It has been hard, and sometimes disastrous, but through my own endeavours I have created my own niche in the world. Simply, I love what I do and I want everyone to love fire cooking as much as me!

I am a different chef to most, as I spend my time trying to change the way we all think about barbecuing and outdoor cooking to show the wonderful world of wood, fire and smoke cooking.


Cornelius Veakins Outdoor BBQ Chef