Brand Ambassador: BBQ365 SA Braai


Welcome to the world of HomeFires South African Braai.

Being South African, using this braai takes me back home when a family barbecue involved at least fifteen people and lasted all day and into the night.

This is what this braai is all about, if you someone who is looking for a statement piece in your garden, you love your outdoor parties and appreciate the value of real wood ember cooking – then this is the barbecue for you.

The real magic with this barbecue, is that you make your own charcoal. Simply load the wood box with your favourite cooking wood, light a fire underneath and once the wood has burnt through poke it with the big poker and watch the embers fall. Then it’s simply a case of spreading the burning embers under the grill. Great for making different heat zones for your outdoor cooking.

Best part is designing your Alfresco Kitchen around this braai – whether you are choosing free-standing or built in.

Contact me if you want to know more or are interested in becoming a dealer.

British Distributor of HomeFires Braai : BBQ365