Flaming Grills Argentine Grill

Flaming Grills has developed and built, in Yorkshire, the best of wood fired Argentine asado commercial cooking, using the latest machining, CNC and laser cutting technologies.


With my design support and thorough testing, Flaming Grills offers chefs a fire machine for indoor and outdoor kitchens. A grill that brings authentic argentine style cooking to a commercial kitchen and for chefs who understand there shouldn’t be any compromise on flavour and texture.

  • Full Length FireBox

An authentic asado is all about wood – as a source of fuel and flavour. Our grill has a full length fire-box enabling chefs to produce their own wood ember charcoal efficiently and easily. Light the hard wood, wait for the burn and then distribute the charcoal across the grate, adding more or less to different areas to manage your cooking zones. Simply add new wood to top up and to maintain a constant cooking temperature. Wood is the essential ingredient for all wood, fire and smoke cooking and experimenting with different hard wood flavours adds to a chefs’ repertoire of smoky recipes.

  • V-Groove Grill

Another distinctive feature are the V-groove grills. They are designed to channel juices directly into the drip pans and not onto the charcoal. With juices continually falling onto the charcoal, this can cause flare ups which produces uneven cooking and ‘dirty’ charcoal. V-grooves adds to this grill’s incredible heat control and accuracy.

  • Drip Pan

A simple but incredibly useful feature. The juices are collected in these pans from the v-groove grill and can be used for basting and seasoning the food. They are removable and easy to clean.

  • Rotisserie

We couldn’t design the ultimate Argentine Grill without a heavy-duty, load bearing, weather proofed rotisserie. Simply remove the two grills and attach the height adjustable rotisserie and fire way! With a load up to 30kg, spit roasting has entered the commercial kitchen. One or both grills can be removed, so that you can also grill and use the rotisserie at the same time, for great versatility.

  • Adjustable Heat Control

Having the ability to raise and lower the two grills allows chefs to control the distance between the food and the wood ember charcoal. This is a fundamental feature of Argentine grilling and offers chefs a huge spectrum of temperature control allowing more cooking versatility.

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Take a look at the brochure FlamingGrills and website  and if you are interested in a demonstration, contact me:

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