Chestnut Stuffed and Garlic Herbed BBQ Poussin

There’s nothing better than getting a whole chicken to yourself, even if it is a small spring chicken. Each is a perfect size for one portion and you can do different recipes for each one if you want. I decided to do two recipes with my poussin : Chestnut Stuffed Poussin and Garlic Herbed Poussin…








These are cooked at about 150C add directly onto the deflector plates and left to cook for approx one hour. This is more than enough time to cook the birds, if unsure check with a thermometer that the temperature of the Poussin is above 74C.

An easy test is to pull gently either a wing or a leg and if it is cooked it will separate from the body very easily. Normally cooking a Poussin for this amount of time would overcook it, however with ta Kamado ceramic barbecue all the juices remain in the bird with extra moisture being added by the stuffing as it cooks. This means the meat is literally falling off the bone.