Alfresco Experience Consultant with HPW Architects

The Alfresco Experience is an integrated sustainable design concept that offers the full functionality of an indoor commercial kitchen outdoors, bringing a wealth of commercial benefits to restaurants, hotels, contract caterers, cafés, pubs and mobile caterers.It offers restaurants the opportunity to offer an all year round outdoor dining experience.

Outdoor cooking and dining is an year round experience and, with the right design and choice of equipment, outdoor spaces can be used to increase cover numbers without the need to heavily invest in indoor kitchens. Space is premium with any restaurant, pub or cafe, so hospitality businesses should be fully utilising their outdoor spaces by creating unique outdoor show kitchens designed to their specifications.


We are excited to announce that the Outdoor BBQ Chef are consulting with HPW Architects to design and build the ultimate Alfresco Experience consultancy for the Hospitality Industry.


What is the Alfresco Experience?

An alfresco experience is whatever a client needs it to be:

Full outdoor kitchen and dining area

Street food pizzeria


BBQ smokehouse

Outdoor bakery


Seafood shack

Demonstration show cooking kitchen


Alfresco personal dining experience

13403205_553339511517322_4642756656635936228_oHow can I help?

We are partnering my expertise and network in the commercial outdoor cooking industry with HPW‘s unified approach to architecture, interior/exterior design and branding, that has delivered inspirational sustainable designed buildings for over 20 years – to offer the Hospitality Industry a one-stop-shop for their Alfresco Experience.


I support chefs and restaurants in finding the right outdoor equipment for their outdoor menus, bespoke training, menu creation and designing the flow of their alfresco kitchen.

Get it right and you create an incredible outdoor dining experience which will entice customers, increase revenue and showcase your establishment.

What’s next?


Take a look at your outdoor space and ask yourself “Is this space returning it’s true potential in ROI?’ Whether your restaurant has a balcony, courtyard, garden, roof or field    “Are you making the most commercially out of this space?”

If the answer is no, contact me and let’s start planning your alfresco experience.