Dirty Cooking Beef


Once you’ve discovered dirty cooking it will change the way you cook beef and raise your expectations on the ultimate steak.  It seems so strange throwing a piece of meat directly onto your lump charcoal but be brave and try it.

By cooking directly onto your charcoal, the beef is seared directly and quickly and holds in the flavour and juice. The direct charring of the outside adds extra flavour and texture.

My tips for getting it right..

  1. Don’t season before cooking as it just burns. Season afterwards.
  2. Always use quality lump wood charcoal or cooking wood embers. Do not cook dirty on briquettes.
  3. You want glowing charcoal or embers – not flames.
  4. Re-learn your cooking times. This cooks your beef much quicker so your normal cooking times are greatly reduced.
  5. Don’t always go for the obvious beef cuts – skirt, for example, is amazing when it is dirty cooked. Experiment!
  6. Remember to brush off any embers that stick to the beef – do this over your BBQ unless you like burning your feet!
  7. Use long tongs because you are reaching inside your BBQ.

Tell me how you get on…