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About this Recipe

Sometimes I spend a day focusing on a single ingredient and fire and this was my lemon experimenting day 🍋
Barbecuing lemons caramelises the sugars, so tones down the citric bite and really pushes the sweetness of the lemon flavour. Apart from being amazing for sauces, I really wanted to try out burnt lemon in cocktails and created Dirty Gin and Tonic.
Pink Gordon’s Gin

Juice of one burnt lemon

Fever-Tree tonic water

Burnt lemon slice

Dill flower ice cube


Recipe Instructions

Cut your lemons in half and place on a plancha or directly on the grill and leave to caramelise for 3-4 minutes. The smell is incredible!

Just watch the lemon juice caramelise and bubble.

Leave to cool down and then use either the juice directly into a sauce or into your cocktail or slice up to add to your cocktail.

No more complicated than that.

The burnt lemon really adds a lovely sweeter lemon flavour.


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