Fire Product Testing

Of all the work I do, one of the most fun is product testing and supporting companies with designing products. Fire is incredible unforgiving so you must understand how fire works to design any product being used for outdoor cooking and barbecuing.

Untitled design
I get approached by quite a few companies with gadgets and gizmos for outdoor cooking, most of them I politely turn away because they don’t add to the outdoor cooking experience. Sometimes it is because they are trying to solve a problem that, with a bit of education, doesn’t really exist.

Sometimes I get to support a company that really wants to make a difference. A company who understand that fire cooking needs specialised design and functionality and that’s when I say yes!

There are so many practicalities with outdoor cooking that you need to consider and if you don’t have enough experience with fire, then the results aren’t pretty. I would give examples but don’t really want to get into trouble!

Happy to talk to you if you want me to kick your product around – just be prepared to listen and expect honesty.