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So had my first fire up on the Quan Garden Art Garden UK and cooked a massive Fathers Day brunch (including woodfired pancakes) and here are my thoughts so far on the Quan:

1. Very versatile, this is open fire cooking using the surround plancha as well as the grill in the middle. So offers different styles of cooking using different heat but from one fuel source.

2. You can create different heat zones depending on where you put the wood, so increasing its versatility.


3. Took a while to work out how much wood needed and how long to fire up before plancha was hot enough, next time I need a bigger fire so the plancha heats up quicker. Just another learning curve! I also need to try with lump charcoal next time to test the difference. My verdict: this grill is beautifully engineered and built for the ultimate in fire cooking.My verdict: this grill is beautifully engineered and built for the ultimate in fire cooking.

4. You need to oil the plancha for every cook but I hate over oiled food. So I created my own special tool to be more exact with the oil and I put a small bowl with hot oil, butter and rosemary on the plancha for use of use – much better!

5. Fantastic cooking height (especially for me) – no crouching or bending needed so very enjoyable to cook on. When you are commercial cooking for hours, a comfortable cooking height becomes essential.

6. Huge cooking surface so you could entertain for a massive party or just use one area for the family. The commercial Quan offers a very impressive cooking surface with easily enough space for four separate chefs!



7. Very sociable cooking style, you don’t have to have your back to everyone and a lot of people can have their own cooking stations if you want. Very exciting for commercial cooking!

8. Not ideal for roasting, low ‘n’ slow smoking, big pieces of meat but for people/chefs who aren’t into their American barbecuing the Quan gives you the ability to create fantastic dishes using multiple ingredients and components.


9. Great for beginners but also versatile and fun enough for experienced chefs. A lot of my chef clients are very excited about the Quan.

10. The braai or woodfired oven is all about controlling fire. Quan is all about managing heat. A much easier learning curve for new fire chefs.

11. It becomes a beautiful fire pit and it needs to be placed in the middle of your garden for full effect, not up against a wall. It is a piece of design and needs to take centre stage. Perfect for a commercial outdoor kitchen – it brings its own fire theatre

If you want anymore information – contact me. 


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