How to Fire Up a Duetto

Getting a few questions about firing the Duetto up to cooking temperature, so here is a step to step guide about how to fire it up for most recipes including pizza.

1. This is what you need to fire up: good quality cooking wood (my preferred supplier is Dalby Firewood, because of the consistent quality and low moisture content 0-5%) and I use silver birch because of its high temperature/flame burn. I also only ever use natural firelighters (also from Dalby Firewood!).

99% of firing up issues with any woodfire oven is bad quality wood.


2. Light your two firelighters and build a jengo style pile over them with the kindling in the middle of the lower oven.


3.  Then add the smaller logs..


4. …and then add the two larger pieces of wood.


5. You’ll notice that the Duetto door has a screw in handle on the right hand side, screw this clockwise as far as it will go and close the door. This will leave the ideal gap to create the perfect draw to fan the flames but also force the smoke out the chimney.


Most people forget that to light any Alfa woodfired oven, you need to put the door on with a small gap. It doesn’t seem intuitive but it works brilliantly and will fire up your woodfired oven more efficiently. When you see people with a lot of black smoke residue on the outside of their ovens, its normally because they aren’t closing the door or using a wood with a high moisture content.

6. Leave well alone for about 20 minutes and allow your Duetto to get up to temperature for the bottom and top oven. Don’t play around with it, go start prepping your food instead!


Bottom Duetto Oven


Top Duetto Oven

The top oven will take a little longer to hit 500 F, so just be patient!

7. After 20 minutes your oven should be hitting around 500 F and now is the time to move the embers over to one side, the back or create a horseshoe depending on what you are cooking. This is the time to add more wood, big or small, depending on your recipe.


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