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About this Recipe

After a bad case of flu over Christmas, it was great to be back outdoors in the January sun and cooking again. Not much stops me from being outside – except man flu!!

My 2018 started simply with beautiful lamb rump, smoked in silver birch wood, on a layer of mint sauce.

Lamb rump

Beech wood

Salt and pepper

Mint sauce

Recipe Instructions

This lamp rump is so tasty that I refuse to use over empowering rubs, allowing the natural flavour of the meat and wood smoke so just use freshly ground pepper and salt.

I seared over direct heat (remember to only use lump charcoal not briquettes)

Once your lamb rump is well seared, move over to indirect heat and close the lid to allow to slow roast. I added a birch log to my side smoker and allowed the sweet smoke to add flavour to the lamb. If you don’t have one, just add beech chips to your charcoal.

After 20 minutes, my lamb is done. Please don’t overcook – lamb should be pink inside -and I’m hoping you are using quality meat.

Beautifully moist lamb with a subtle woody flavour.


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