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About this Recipe

I remember a holiday in Spain many years ago and ordering a tapas dish and being served fresh prawns served in boiling flavoured oil. They were so delicious I also remember ordering three more!
So here is my version of this tapas dish: langoustine al pil-pil and it is such a beautiful way of cooking any small crustaceans and please do not throw away the oil at the end as it is perfect for dipping in your fresh bread.
Fresh langoustines – peeled, butterflied but keep the tails on

Langoustine claws

Olive oil

Half a teaspoon of chopped garlic

Half a teaspoon of chopped ginger

Finely chopped spring onion stems

Recipe Instructions

Heat up the olive oil slowly on your barbecue until gently bubbling.

Indirect heat is better so you have more heat control – don’t want overflowing oil.

Add two langoustine claws to flavour the oil, cook for about a minute.

Add half a teaspoon of chopped garlic and half a teaspoon of chopped ginger and leave to cook for 30 seconds.

Add the two de-shelled butterflied langoustine and cook for 45 seconds, turning over once during cooking.

Just before removing from heat, add some finely chopped spring onion stems.

Remove from heat and enjoy and don’t forget to dip your fresh bread into the oil and finish it up. Delicious!

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