Low and Slow Herbed Roast Leg of Lamb

Never been a big fan of lamb, I have too many memories of lamb roasts at school. I remember eating sweet, fatty pieces of meat with an off putting smell that completely turned me off the idea of lamb. However, I decided to be brave and try a leg of British lamb (which surprisingly costed an arm and a leg – no idea why British lamb is so expensive) and Low ‘n’ Slow cook it.


What a result! Tender, juicy and very ‘unfatty’. I think I’ve finally overcome my distaste and I’m already planning some more lamb recipes. Cooking Low ‘n’ Slow broke down all the fat and made the meat incredible succulent, I even got a lovely layer of smoked bark. This isn’t a complicated recipe and brings out the best in lamb.



I smothered my lamb in a oily herb rub and cooked indirect at 150C for six hours.
0031Every hour I brushed the lamb with a herb brush to add the remaining marinade onto the meat. Making the herb brush is really easy – I use the opposite end of a wooden spoon and tie the herbs onto the end. As the herbs warm up, they leave even more flavour on the meat.

A good way of knowing if the lamb is done – gently twist the bone and if it moves or turns the joint is done. Pretty simple stuff.

Remove the joint from the heat and leave to rest for 15-20 minutes before serving. Love to know if you like low and slow lamb as much as me!