Low and Slow Pork Shoulder

Barbecuing Low ‘n’ Slow is when a ceramic barbecue comes into its own – a ceramic BBQ gives everyone the versatility of cooking for up to 15 hours without worrying about topping up the charcoal or worrying about the temperature jumping around. Cooking Low ‘n’ Slow adds flavour and tenderness to your joint of meat that can only be had from patience and planning, please give it a try as it is well worth it….fire up your BBQ, set the temp to 150C, rub or marinade your joint, throw it on and walk away.

A lot of online recipes for low ‘n’ slow pork use heavy BBQ sauces or rubs, which is the American style of barbecuing. I prefer keeping my recipes simple and add ingredients that enhance the meat’s natural flavour not smother it.

This shoulder of pork was very special as it was aged for 55 days and not available to all so I would highly recommend going to your local butcher and sourcing a good quality shoulder. A good quality recipe is all about sourcing good quality meat.



After 6 hours the joint was ready, I confirmed this using my Thermapen and the temperature of the meat (not the bone) should be 79C plus. I took it off the heat and removed all the crackling (just carve it off – very easy to do) and covered the joint in tin foil allowing it to rest for at least an hour. Separating the crackling means that it won’t soften whilst the meat is resting in the foil. Try not to eat too much of it during that hour!