Low ‘n’ Slow Rack of Beef Ribs

Beef ribs aren’t usual in the UK, people normally go for pork ribs but that is a mistake. Beef ribs are huge in comparison and give a lot more meat and the flavour is incredible. You need to ask your butcher to leave some of the fat on that would normally be trimmed off. For low ‘n’ slow cooking the fat adds moisture to the meat and protects it from drying out.


I prepared the joint the night before by liberally coating it in my own Bone Dust rub. Make sure that the rub thoroughly coats all the meat – in all the joints and on the bones. Ideally leave in the fridge overnight.



These beef ribs were on for 10 hours at 150C – the joy of a a Kamado ceramic BBQ is that you set your temperature and get low and slow cooking, only checking now and then.

Beef ribs are highly recommended and, in fact, I prefer over pork ribs.