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This delicious South African sauce has one of the worst names ever – so why is it called Monkey Gland sauce? Seems some French chefs introduced to South Africa many fine-dining recipes but South Africans proceeded to put tomato sauce, chutney and Worcester sauce all over their fine-cuisine – to better the taste. They considered us to be monkeys with no sensitive palates and named this concoction Monkey Gland sauce. This is probably an urban myth but it makes a great story….

I have very fond memories of this particular sauce being present at practically every Braai I had in South Africa. It has heat, it has fruit and it reminds me of very hot days in the sun. Monkey Gland sauce works with practically every type of meat, it is quick and easy to prepare and keeps for about two weeks in the fridge.

1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger

1/4 cup dehydrated onion flakes

½ finely chopped green chilli

1 can finely chopped tomatoes

1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce

2 large cloves garlic, finely chopped

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

1 cup ketchup

1/4 teaspoon Tabasco pepper sauce

2 capfuls whiskey or Cognac

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Recipe Instructions

Mix all of the ingredients together in a large saucepan taking care to ensure the tomatoes are finely chopped. If need be drain off the juice and chop them finely by hand. Start cooking the sauce on a medium heat until all the mix thickens, turn down the heat and allow to simmer for a further 10-15 minutes until nice and thick.


This sauce can be used immediately making it very practical for those last minute barbecues or can be bottled and kept in the fridge for about 2 weeks.

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