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After the Portsmouth Seafood Festival I swapped my old braai for a brand new one and I’m loving the difference.


1) Firebox is now in the middle which means more cooking versatility as I now have two separate fire zones. Either you just use one side for a smaller braai or have two separate fire stations.


2) I have the rotisserie attachment which goes full length of the braai, so large enough for up to a 40kg pig, goat or sheep.  It has to be plugged in but it means I can do some amazing rotisseries.


3) Potjie pot attachment for stews and soups.


4) New stand which lets me stack my wood underneath, it looks a lot prettier but also incredible useful.


5) New flue and fire cap – much prefer this design.


I’m very happy with my new braai and I’ve got a lot of fire cooking coming up.


Home Fires braai distributed in the UK by BBQ 365



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