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It’s That Time of Year Again…

It's that time of year when we see the real difference between a dedicated outdoor cook and, well, everyone else... It's this time of year that I get most frowns and looks of confusion about why I'm cooking outdoors on a cold Autumn day. For fun I've created my own...

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My New Braai

After the Portsmouth Seafood Festival I swapped my old braai for a brand new one and I'm loving the difference.   1) Firebox is now in the middle which means more cooking versatility as I now have two separate fire zones. Either you just use one side for a smaller...

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Deer Park: The Hotel of Two Fires

If you know about my fire hero Francis Mallmann, then you will know about his restaurant of seven fires in Argentina. I spend most of time talking about the power of outdoor kitchens and live fire cooking in the hospitality industry and there is still a lot of...

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The Ultimate Wood, Fire & Smoke Menu

My consultancy work includes visiting chefs and demonstrating the best of outdoor cooking equipment and showing the true versatility of cooking with wood, fire and smoke. My work is to listen to chefs and their cooking ambitions, recommend the right commercial...

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