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Which Charcoal for Your BBQ?

Good charcoal to a barbecuer is as fundamental as having the right flour to a baker or using fresh herbs to a chef. Charcoal should be considered as an ingredient  because it adds flavour to your food and it makes barbecuing easier by providing a regular and easily...

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It’s That Time of Year Again…

It's that time of year when we see the real difference between a dedicated outdoor cook and, well, everyone else... It's this time of year that I get most frowns and looks of confusion about why I'm cooking outdoors on a cold Autumn day. For fun I've created my own...

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My New Braai

After the Portsmouth Seafood Festival I swapped my old braai for a brand new one and I'm loving the difference.   1) Firebox is now in the middle which means more cooking versatility as I now have two separate fire zones. Either you just use one side for a...

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Deer Park: The Hotel of Two Fires

If you know about my fire hero Francis Mallmann, then you will know about his restaurant of seven fires in Argentina. I spend most of time talking about the power of outdoor kitchens and live fire cooking in the hospitality industry and there is still a lot of...

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