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The Ultimate Wood, Fire & Smoke Menu

My consultancy work includes visiting chefs and demonstrating the best of outdoor cooking equipment and showing the true versatility of cooking with wood, fire and smoke. My work is to listen to chefs and their cooking ambitions, recommend the right commercial...

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Firing Up the Quan

    So had my first fire up on the Quan Garden Art Garden UK and cooked a massive Fathers Day brunch (including woodfired pancakes) and here are my thoughts so far on the Quan: 1. Very versatile, this is open fire cooking using the surround plancha as well...

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Robata Grill from Mibrasa

This Robata commercial grill is designed for traditional Yakitori (Japanese type of skewered chicken) cooking and I can't wait to go full traditional Japanese cooking but my first recipe is beef fillet wrapped in steak smoky bacon and basil leaves. My verdict: this...

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If you can cook in a kitchen – why is barbecuing so hard?

I’ve been outdoor cooking for longer than I remember and I forget that there are still so many people out there who simply don’t know how to BBQ. When I’m asked ‘So, how do you barbecue?” I get a bit dumbfounded and not really sure where to start… My first question is...

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