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I was interviewed last week and asked for an Autumn recipe for both indoor and outdoor cooking. So, inspired by my all time Fire God Francis Mallmann, I cooked up a peach, ouzo and rosemary pork loin. Argentina is world renown for its delicious meat and fruit, so you find a lot of beautiful combo recipes which are full of natural flavours.

2lb boneless pork loin roast – butterflied 


8 garlic cloves


2 tbs finely chopped fresh rosemary


8 tbs olive oil


6 small peaches cut in half, skin on and pitted. 


1 shot glass Ouzo 


6 tbs unsalted butter cubed


Sea salt and pepper


1 sprig fresh Rosemary


Recipe Instructions

Trim off all excess fat and any sinew and lay flat on a board and flatten to ½ inch thickness with a meat mallet or rolling pin. This will ensure an even cook.
Rub a shot of Ouzo into the meat both sides
The marinade: finely chop garlic and rosemary and mix in with the olive oil. Allow to rest so the garlic and rosemary infuse the oil
Cover the meat both sides with the garlic/rosemary/oil infusion and salt and pepper the meat..

Allow to marinade for a couple of hours or overnight.


Heat up a cast iron skillet until a drop of water sizzles on the surface.

Sear the meat both sides over the barbecue for approx 3 minutes each side.

Place in the skillet to continue cooking for approx 4 minutes, turn over and repeat.

Add the peaches, sprigs of rosemary and butter around the meat and continue cooking until the peaches have softened and taken on colour. Ideal temperature for the pork is 71C.

Allow to rest for 5 minutes and tuck in,


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