Pitta Bread

What is there not to like about making your own pitta bread – in your own wood fired oven? Very easy to make, cook and then fill with your favourite filling.

I created my ultimate pulled pork pitta bread sandwich. Pitta bread cooked in my Alfa Pizza wood fired oven, stuffed with 15 hour low and slow pulled pork on my Kamado Joe. With tomatoes, red onions, sour cream and chive with a good lashing of Jalapeño Hot Sauce from MexGrocer. Best snack ever.


I used Paul Hollywood’s pitta bread recipe, so follow that recipe until you get to the baking.

Place your oval shaped dough into your pizza oven once it has reached 350-450F. This is the fun part: watch a spirt of steam and watch them rise. All it takes is a minute.


When they are lightly browned, take them out using your pizza paddle. I’m slowly learning not to grab at food with my hands – really hot !


Lightly browned and beautifully plump. Remember, you can add flavours by adding crushed garlic or olive oil, melted butter and coriander or even butter with home-made smoked salt. Just rub on with a brush before putting in your oven, experimenting with flavours is part of the fun.