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This Robata commercial grill is designed for traditional Yakitori (Japanese type of skewered chicken) cooking and I can’t wait to go full traditional Japanese cooking but my first recipe is beef fillet wrapped in steak smoky bacon and basil leaves.

My verdict: this grill is beautifully engineered and built for the ultimate in fire cooking.

With this Robata grill, the first major feature is the depth of the fire box. It is surprisingly deep and very well insulated, I only put a small amount of charcoal in to begin with and I was very impressed by the intensitity of the heat and how long the heat lasted. Remember this grill is for commercial use, so chefs want to load, fire up and cook for as long as possible with a consistent heat.

I simply put my fillets on the bottom tier to cook and walked away for 5 minutes, which is rare when cooking on a new piece of kit. Instant confidence!

The next great feature is the versatility of having two tiers. I put my fillets onto the top tier, at its highest level, to rest. They were kept warm but not enough to cook whilst I started cooking my halloumi.

Two tier cooking especially with adjustable height, adds a lot versatility to your fire cooking and I’m really looking forward to exploring all of its full potential.

Robata delivered by Ascentia Foodservice Equipment

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