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About this Recipe

For my two days of fire cooking at the Portsmouth Seafood Festival I roasted rum and honey basted pineapples on the rotisserie and curved up pieces for the audience. After awhile I discovered the best way to hand out tasters was making them into lollies and they went down a storm with the festival attendees. Beautiful rum and honey caramelised warm pineapple on a stick – what more could anyone ask for! This recipe is a must try – fire roasting pineapple is a revelation and creates magnificant textures and flavours.


Large peeled pineapple(s)

Glass of rum

Jar of runny honey


Recipe Instructions

Peel your pineapples to remove the outer skin and push your rotisserie through the core of your pineapple. If you don’t have a rotisserie, then place on a fire proof baking tray and use your woodfired oven or barbecue.

Start rotating your pineapple and baste on a regular basis with your honey and rum mixture. 

My large pineapple roasted for an hour and a half on my rotisserie. 



Don’t worry about over burning bits of the pineapple as can just shave it off later. You are looking for a beautiful browning on the pineapple, this is the sugars caramelising on the skin.

Once cooked, leave to cook for 20 minutes and then carve pieces off and stick a lolly stick into one end. It’s a messy job but incredible fun.

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