Seared Scallop and Squid

Barbecuing delicate seafood can be problematic, simply because it is so easy to overcook resulting in chewy and dry seafood. The perfect solution is using your ceramic heat deflector or pizza stone, to cook indirectly, this still gives flavour to your seafood and makes life a lot easier.




About 2 hours before BBQing, soak the squid in a bowl of milk and salt & pepper. This was a tip given by a good chef friend and it stops the squid going rubbery and tough. I highly recommend it!



Both the squid and scallops can be cooked at the same time and it is as easy as placing the food on the deflector plates and cooking each side for 2 – 3 minutes or until browned and opaque – turning once. Just before removing from the heat, squeeze a little lemon juice over for extra flavour.


dscf5642How easy is that ?