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About this Recipe

To christen my new Hibachi Mibrasa grill from Spain, thought it was respectful to cook some authentic Spanish red prawns with a light and summery marinade. This is the type of barbecuing which is perfect for an hibachi – direct cooking over high heat. Spanish red prawns are highly flavoured so no need to smother in sauce, just enough to enhance their natural flavour and cooked to perfection over the high charcoal heat.

Hibachi supplied by Ascentia Food Service Equipment.

Spanish red prawns

Marinade: ginger, lime, coriander, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper

Recipe Instructions

Hibachi cooking is fast and furious so get your BBQ up to a high heat and only use lump charcoal.

You should never overcook prawns (or any food really) so 90 seconds each side should do.




Drizzle with the marinade whilst cooking and then rest.

This marinade can also be used as a dipping sauce for the prawns.

Simple isn’t it? But that is point – fresh prawns, fire and a light marinade is all you need.

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