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Outdoor cooking is not all about meat. Outdoor cooking is about making whatever you love to eat but just cooking using wood, fire and smoke. So if you are vegetarian, vegan, lacto-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, omnivore, fruitarian etc etc then nothing stops you from cooking outside.

My wife, although she eats everything, really loves my non-meat recipes and adores seafood. So this Spicy Scallop and Pak Choi Broth is for her as she loves fresh scallops.

sliced pak choi – diced

spring onions

red onions – sliced

ginger – grated

garlic – chopped

red and green chilli – chopped

soya sauce

salt and pepper


Recipe Instructions

I used the large cast iron potato cooker from Natural Heating as the perfect ‘cooker’ for the broth.

I simply chucked all the ingredients into the cooker and filled up with water to about an inch from the top.

I closed the lid and baked next to the fire in my Alfa Pizza woodfired oven for 10 minutes.

After taking out the ‘potato cooker’ from the woodfired oven (incredible hot – be careful), I added the raw scallops to the broth. I closed the lid again and let the steaming broth cook the scallops through for 2 minutes.


Then I added finely chopped coriander, chilli, spring onion and seasoning.

Guaranteed perfectly moist and succulent scallops with a slighted spicy flagrant broth.

Don’t bother with bowels – just dive in with a spoon and enjoy. Well that is what the wife did..

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