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About this Recipe

Tom Yum sauce has a distinct hot and sour flavour and originates from Thailand. It comes as a paste or sauce and is an amazing addition to soups, broths and as a marinade when you want a real distinct hot and sour kick. Wagyu beef has a very ‘beefy’ flavour and it needed a sauce that could balance it out – tom yum is perfect!

Obviously Wagyu beef is the best beef in the world but this recipe can be with any beef strips, just make sure it is good quality!

Wagyu beef

Tom Yum sauce

Sesame seeds

Spring onions


Recipe Instructions

I sliced the beef into thin strips and marinaded for 20 minutes in Tom Yum sauce.

Once I skewered the strips using mini wooden skewers, I barbecued for about 90 seconds each side. Keep turning and be very careful not to overcook.

Once cooked, I finished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and spring onions – beautiful intense beef flavour, incredibly tender with a hot and sour kick. My kind of kebabs!

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