What do I do?

I am a consultant who specialises in commercial wood, fire and smoke cooking.


I cook on the best of the best in outdoor equipment and consult with businesses such as restaurants, retailers, outdoor equipment suppliers, food suppliers or designers.

Outdoor Cooking Demonstrations and Masterclasses
Alfresco Kitchen Consulting
Chef Training
Recipe Development
Outdoor Cooking Product Consultancy

With all my contacts and a vast experience in outdoor cooking, I am in a unique position to support and advise.

Brand Ambassador

Alfa Pizza Wood and Gas Fired Ovens

Alfa Pro Professional Agent: I am an agent of the professional range so contact me to discuss their gas, wood or dual woodfired indoor/outdoor ovens.

Alfa Living Agent: I am an agent for their Living range – Alfa’s high-end, high-designed innovation woodfired ovens. Please contact me if you want more information.

Alfa 1977: I support Alfa Pizza with finding new dealers and supporting them with demos, sales, technical and marketing. Contact me if you want to be a dealer or discuss how Alfa can fit into your business.

BBQ 365: HomeFires South African Braai

BBQ365 are the UK distributor for HomeFires South African Braai. Please read here. I provide technical support and recipe development.


Alfresco Kitchen Consulting

I consult with HPW Architects to design and build the ultimate Alfresco Experience for the Hospitality Industry.

If you want to know more about how to incorporate the Alfresco Experience into your hospitality business, contact me.


Outdoor Cooking Demonstrations and Masterclasses

I do outdoor cooking demonstrations at trade shows, chef events, food festivals, retailers and networking events. Whether demonstrating ceramic barbecues, braai, cold and hot smoking, Argentine parrilla grill or woodfired ovens – I show how versatile outdoor cooking can be and the amazing recipes that can be made.


Food Producers and Distributors

A good barbecue or outdoor cooking product is only as good as the food and ingredients you use and I love nothing better than coming across good quality local produce to use in my recipes and at demonstrations. Contact me if you would like me to include your food or ingredients in my recipes or demonstrations.


Outdoor cooking is an expanding market so let me help you to reach a new growing market.

Chef Training in Wood, Fire and Smoke

I advise chefs on the world of wood, fire and smoke cooking. I have been very fortunate to meet a number of Michelin Starred Chefs to train them up in how to get the best from their fire cooking. Spending any time with chefs of this calibre is always a privilege and I always learn a lot about cooking. In return I share all the techniques and demonstrate the versatility of cooking with fire, thus giving each chef the tools to create their masterpieces.


If you are a chef looking for advice and support, please contact me.