What do I do?

I am an independent chef consultant who specialises in commercial wood, fire and smoke cooking.


I consult with businesses such as restaurants, hotel groups, retailers, outdoor equipment suppliers, food suppliers and designers.

Outdoor Cooking Demonstrations and Masterclasses
Alfresco Kitchen Consulting
Chef Training
Outdoor Cooking Product Consultancy

With all my contacts and a vast experience in outdoor cooking, I am in a unique position to support and advise.

Outdoor Cooking Demonstrations and Masterclasses

I do outdoor cooking demonstrations at trade shows, chef events, food festivals, retailers, networking events and for private individuals and groups. Whether demonstrating ceramic barbecues, braai, cold and hot smoking, Argentine parrilla grill or woodfired ovens – I show how versatile outdoor cooking wood, fire and smoke can be and the amazing recipes that can be made.


Alfresco Kitchen Consulting

I consult with many hospitality businesses by offering independent consultancy with

  • choosing and buying commercial indoor or outdoor wood, fire and smoke equipment;
  • design and build of commercial outdoor or indoor kitchens;
  • recipe development;
  • chef training.


Chef Training in Wood, Fire and Smoke

I advise and train chefs in the world of wood, fire and smoke cooking. I have worked with Michelin Starred Chefs to student chefs to train them up in how to get the best from fire cooking. I train and demonstrate the true versatility of wood, fire and smoke cooking, thus giving each chef the tools to create their masterpieces.


Product Consultancy

Fire is incredible unforgiving so you must understand how fire works to design any product being used for outdoor cooking and barbecuing.

I get approached by quite a few companies with gadgets and gizmos for outdoor cooking, most of them I politely turn away because they don’t add to the outdoor cooking experience. Sometimes it is because they are trying to solve a problem that, with a bit of education, doesn’t really exist.

Sometimes I get to support a company that really wants to make a difference. A company who understand that fire cooking needs specialised design and functionality and that’s when I say yes.

There are so many practicalities with outdoor cooking that you need to consider and if you don’t have enough experience with fire, then the results aren’t pretty. I offer independent, honest product consultancy.