Wood Fired Pizza Oven or Ceramic BBQ?

66There is a lot of choice when choosing the best kit for your outdoor kitchen and it is very important to make the right choice for your lifestyle and the type of food you want to cook. So if you are trying to make a decision between a ceramic BBQ and a pizza oven, then read on…

A wood fired pizza oven is a lot more interactive than a ceramic barbecue, the joy of a ceramic is you can set the temperature and walk away for hours without any worry. A pizza oven needs more tending and watching but, in its own way, it’s more interactive and fun to use. If you enjoy watching your food cook and poking around with fire and adding logs, a pizza oven adds that experience to your alfresco cooking.


A ceramic barbecue is a closed unit and is purposely built to be like an oven, this gives it its incredible temperature control and very high fuel efficiency. A pizza oven is open to the elements and so is more difficult to get consistent temperatures, as you add logs you’ll get temperature spikes but that’s part of the learning curve of using a pizza oven.


However, there is no reason that you can’t use lump wood charcoal in your pizza oven and then add logs, to increase its fuel efficiency and longevity.

Also, as a pizza oven is open to the elements, it’s not so waterproof. Ceramic barbecues can be used all year round and in all-weather. Not sure I’ll be using my pizza oven so much in the rain or high wind – but looking forward to firing it up in the snow.

If you are an authentic pizza fan and wanting to try your hand at wood fired baking  – wood fired pizza ovens are for you.

If you love barbecuing (low and slow, searing, dirty steaks etc)  and then want the versatility of an outdoor oven – ceramic barbecues are the best choice.


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