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About this Recipe

Using a cast-iron cooker is the easiest and simplest way of cooking the best baked potatoes – no tin foil, no half cooked potato and no burnt skin.

Not only does it do the best potatoes, it is brilliant for a lot of different recipes. Take a look through my recipes and you’ll see it time and time again being used as a mini-oven.

Good quality baking potatoes

Your favourite toppings

Recipe Instructions

Cover each potato in a good layer of olive oil, salt and pepper – place in the potato cooker and put next to the fire in your pizza oven or on your BBQ for as long as it needs.
How do you know when they are cooked? Gently prod with a skewer all the way through and it should slide with no resistance

Perfectly cooked with a beautifully cooked skin with tons of flavour. Now over to you to make your favourite toppings and enjoy!

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