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About this Recipe

Corn on the cob is totally transformed by cooking by woodfire, forget the over or under cooked corn you’ve had before and give this recipe a try. Like a lot of vegetables, cooking by woodfire is the best way to get their natural flavour and texture.
Corn on the Cob – still husked.


Anything you want to smother your cob in. My favourite is my Bacon Butter.

Recipe Instructions

Buy some corn on the cob in the husks and soak them in salted water for over an hour but the best result is overnight.

The next part depends on your kit, here I’ve used my braai and my woodfired oven but the principle is the same – gentle roasting them over real lump charcoal or next to the woodfire in your woodfired oven.

Turn occasionally and try to keep them from burning: charring is good but burning is not good. Keep cooking for approx 20 minutes.

Peel off the husks, which is incredible easy to do when they are charred, and smother in butter and salt and pepper. This is the simplest recipe – once mastered you can play around with different flavoured butters, chilli rubs, spices. Just have a google, there are hundreds of amazing corn on the cob recipes out there.


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