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About this Recipe

I know its not everyone’s idea of a present but I was over the moon when I got some pre-hung pheasant and wild pigeon from a local estate and I got to decide on a recipe and cook my own birthday dinner.

Since it was January I decided on a warming recipe and I created woodfired pigeon on a bed of warm salsa served on toasted farmers loaf.


Red onion

Cherry tomato – chopped

Garlic – chopped

Jalapeños – chopped

Olive oil

Smoked salt and pepper

Recipe Instructions

First job was to pluck the pigeon and, I’m not giving a lesson in plucking and carving, but I had great fun trying to produce the perfect pigeon breasts. Really helps to have a professional boning filleting knife.

I pan fried the pigeon breasts in olive oil, my oak smoked butter and salt and pepper. Start with skin side down, so you get a crispy skin, and cooked next to the fire for 1.5 – 2 minutes each side. Do not overcook, you want your pigeon to be pink inside because that is where the depth of the flavour and tenderness comes from.

I left to rest and started on my salsa.

My salsa was made up of red onion, cherry tomato, garlic, jalapeños, olive oil, smoked salt and pepper. I sautéd very close to the fire for 90 seconds.

I spread some caramelised onion onto some toasted bread, added a layer of my warm salsa and topped off with my thinly sliced pigeon.

Absolutely delicious and a great birthday treat.

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