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About this Recipe

These cast-iron cookers are perfect for cooking in your woodfired oven to gentle steam cook almost anything but especially brilliant for fish and vegetables.

This recipe is for a Thai salmon broth, beautifully steamed cubes of salmon in a Thai flavoured broth. Delicate, flagrant and utterly delicious.

Diced wild salmon

Sliced kale

Julienne sliced carrot

Sliced wild mushroom

Finely diced fresh ginger

Fish stock

Sliced chilli

Fish sauce

Sliced red onion

Chopped spring onions

Fresh coriander

Recipe Instructions

With these recipes I never have exact grams of food, I just go by balance of ingredients. Part of the fun is experimenting with different flavours and amounts.

Put all the ingredients into your cooker and pour the fish stock up to the top.

Place into your pizza oven, no flaming fire just the burning embers and cook gentle for about 10 minutes.

Remove (with gloves as unbelievable hot!) and dive in. You can also eat directly out of these cookers if you want – less washing up which is never a bad thing.


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